CyLearning - For a Healthy Learning Brain

A Learning Brain is a Healthy Brain

Your brain can continue to grow better throughout life. A brain that continues to learn is a growing, healthy brain. Science is finding that new neurons continue to be generated in the human brain - not just in youth as was previously believed. So a learning mind puts those neurons into use and keeps the mind sharp.

Cylearning is Good for Your Brain

Cylearning is a site where you can exercise those new neurons and keep a learning healthy brain. Check out the activities on this page to have fun and keep your brain learning.

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Exercise your reasoning ability

To solve this puzzle you need to put the numbers 1 to 81 in a consecutive series. The numbers must be continuous (starting at 1) and going up, down, left or right. Diagonals are not allowed. This will fill all the squares with a number. Can you learn how to do it?